As Freedom Fellows entered the LEAD Center this week and Freedom Summer 2019 began in full force, many students began another Freedom Project Network program housed in the LEAD Center: Freedom Summer Collegiate! Freedom Summer Collegiate is for rising 10th, 11th, and 12th graders in Sunflower County who have shown and proven their immense potential for achieving and advancing their education.

Professors and doctoral candidates from Harvard, Boston University, Princeton, and the University of Pennsylvania are teaching classes such as Punishment in the U.S., the Philosophy of Self-Actualization, Neighborhoods, and Police Technologies. Students get the chance to experience focused subjects and wide-open classrooms more commonly found on a university level.

“I like having a chance to learn about different things than you normally would in school,” Ms. Stephanie Robertson, a rising tenth grader, said.

“It gives you a feel of what a college class is really like,” Mr. Vin Darius Thomas, another rising tenth grader, said.

Dr. Parsons June 5.jpg

Classes focus on a variety of subjects and come in all forms and fashions. For example, recently in Neighborhoods, professor Ryan Parsons hosted a class where Mr. Trent “Rocky” Little, a grandson of famed Civil Rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer, visited to discuss different communities he had been a part of.

“[The students] were great and asked a lot of questions,” Little said, “I really just came to see the energy of the place, but I really, really like what’s going on.”

All of the classes have had exciting topics, events, and activities, such as debates over surveillance in Police Technologies and introductions to the language of logic in the Philosophy of Self-Actualization.

“I'm so excited to be back at Sunflower this summer. It's a privilege to work with these students, and so fun,” Dr. Stephanie Dick said.

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