Hey y’all! Welcome to Freedom Summer 2019! We’re thrilled to welcome more than 70 Freedom Fellows back to the LEAD Center in Sunflower, Mississippi, for another summer packed with reading, mathematics, rhetoric, creative clubs, camping trips, and college visits, all under the theme of Civil Rights and freedom through education for our Fellows.

While students officially arrive on June 3, this past week has been Week 0 for the staff and interns charged with making Freedom Summer successful for the students.

It’s been full of laughter, lesson planning, and learning on both sides of the equation. The interns have gotten to explore the Mississippi Delta, with a little guidance from the teachers and Sunflower County Freedom Project alumni Myesha and Omar, while the staff have received the pleasure of teaching, being patient with, and experiencing the absolutely wonderful faces and practically perfect personalities of the interns. From the creation and progress of Creative Clubs such as Robotics and Art Expression to unruly acting while developing discipline strategies, everyone has been focused, engaged, and excited as they prepare for the arrival of the Freedom Fellows!