The SCFP has the pleasure to announce the Mildred Downey Scholarship for Educational Travel in Ms. Mildred Downey’s honor to send Freedom Summer Collegiate students to Yale University for summer programing.

Ms. Mildred Downey has been an important supporter of the Sunflower County Freedom Project since its inception in 1998. Kate Gluckman described how “before the SCFP ever sang its first song, gave out its first LEAD bead, or made its first PB&J, Mrs. Mildred Downey knew that the students of Sunflower County needed more opportunities than they were getting. She knew the power of education and how freedom can be formed in the classroom.”

In his speech, co-founder Chris Meyers Asch also alluded to Ms. Downey’s support, saying “her ideas about wisdom and character, and the necessity of being firm and sticking to your principles. There is no one like Mrs. Downey, and this Freedom Project would not have lasted twenty days, let alone twenty years without her.” We are so grateful for everything Ms. Downey has contributed to our organization, allowing us to grow into a thriving SCFP community. Thank you miss Downey! 

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