Hey y'all! Week 1 of Freedom Summer was busy, sweaty, and rewarding. With class discussions and intense basketball games on the slab, Freedom Fellows set the pace for an intense summer. Coming up this week, the Freedom Fellows will run their Monday Mile again, this week trying to improve the time they set on their first try. The Creative Clubs are in full swing, including Fashion, Airplanes, Global Struggles, Social Justice and Rap, and Martial Arts. Freedom Fellows are preparing for their final presentations that will be showcased at the Student Showcase during SCFP's 20th Anniversary Celebration June 22nd. In Rhetoric class, Fellows are beginning to prepare for the Speech and Mock Trial Debates happening at the beginning of July, and students are continuing to work hard in both Reading and Math, learning Civil Rights history and current events through both literature and the study of ratios. 

On rainy Monday mornings it's hard to find energy. But this morning, Freedom Fellows started off the week with an interesting discussion about the original Freedom Summer, Robert "Bob" Moses, and the importance of love in leadership. Although still a bit sleepy from the weekend, we're all pumped to start Week 2!! Updates to come!