Recap of Day 3 and 4: On the third day of our trip we spent a beautiful morning in Nashville, TN exploring the campuses of Fisk and Vanderbilt University. At Fisk we learned about the university's rich history and our tour guide, Acaylia even serenaded us with the Fisk alma mater. At Vanderbilt we were astounded by the campus' beauty and impressed by the wide range of opportunities students have on campus. Our tour guide, Mr. Ewbank, did an awesome job and even snuck us into one of his classrooms at the business school! After our tours we loaded into the vans and headed north for the last time into Kentucky! The night ended with the Mockingjay and a little popcorn!

On our last day we toured and learned about Berea College. Berea is a unique school due to its labor program which provides students the opportunity to work for tuition, instead of paying it! Berea is known for its tough academics, beautiful campus, and awesome student work experience! All of it is true! While on campus, Ms. Hooper and Mr. Turner interviewed with admission counselors as part of the application process! (We have our fingers crossed for them to be admitted into Berea!) After our campus activities we loaded the vans one last time and headed back to the Delta!

The trip was long and tiring but we saw four awesome colleges, contributed to a community clean-up, and had a lot of great bonding time! We are grateful for these opportunities and for being part of the Freedom Project!