Lukendric Washington is a 2007 SCFP graduate and the first Freedom Fellow to attend law school! He received his Bachelors degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a degree in tax law from Florida A&M, and a masters of law from the University of Miami. He first became interested in law when Shawn Raymond, Sunflower co-founder, took Luke around to see his own practice. The Freedom Project inspired Lukendric to be himself and reach beyond his own boundaries. He hopes to one day open his own practice in Mississippi and protect low-income clients from violations of due process, something he became aware of growing up in the Delta. The most valuable advice he says he could give to current Freedom Fellows is to stick with the program no matter what. 

Primus Apolonio graduated from the Freedom Project in 2014 and he is currently studying Strength and Conditioning at Henderson State University.  During his time as a Freedom Fellow he has participated in all aspects of the program including drama performances/tours, and a summer internship in Washington D.C. He is now working as an AmeriCorp VISTA Summer Associate for the Freedom Project focusing on healthy eating and gardening.  The Freedom Project encouraged Primus to be more outspoken and to display his leadership skills not only in his community but wherever he goes. From his many experiences with the program, he says that the Freedom Project is more than just an after-school/summer program, but it is an opportunity to get a perspective of the world outside of Mississippi and to gain the necessary skills needed to be successful.

Kenyon King graduated from the Freedom Project in 2012 and studied Finance and International Business at American University. Kenyon devotes his drive to explore internationally to the Freedom Project, which exposed him to the world beyond the Mississippi Delta, a rare experience for students his age. Lao-tzu's famous quote, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." was a permanent fixture at Sunflower during Kenyon's time as a Freedom Fellow, and such values have remained with him still as he progressed through his college career and now as a young professional. He urges current Freedom Fellows to stay open-minded to new experiences and to welcome opportunities to reach beyond their comfort zone.

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LaToysha Brown grew up in Indianola, graduated from the SCFP in 2014, and currently attends the University of Southern Mississippi. She is majoring in sociology with a minor in Black studies with the hopes of working to combat educational inequality in the MS Delta. For LaToysha, the SCFP created a safe environment where she was able to openly express her womanist, Pan Africanist, and Black Nationalist beliefs. She was able to develop as a social justice activist and successful leader. The SCFP also provided performing arts opportunities for LaToysha, which were not available at her school. She was heavily involved in drama, discovered poetry and fell deeply in love with both. Ms. Brown was able to travel and see different worlds outside of the MS Delta with the Freedom Project, which broaden her understanding of economic and the social systems. When LaToysha was asked to sum up her SCFP experience, she reflects and says, "I would not have had the chance to have an in-depth learning experience if it was not for the SCFP"