At the Freedom Project we believe arts are a powerful way to share the history of the civil rights movement as well as express our ideas for change.  We engage our students in the arts through our visual arts, drama troupe, hip-hop club, and the literary magazine.  

Visual Arts

Freedom Fellows learn to express themselves through various media in our visual art classes. Students paint, sculpt, draw, and design pieces of art while sharing their identity, hopes, fears, and ideas.


Freedom Fellows have the opportunity to share their knowledge of the freedom struggle in Mississippi through the Sunflower Freedom Troupe. The Troupe performs original plays written by Freedom Fellows and staff. Every year they take a performance tour around the country, traveling to places such as Houston, Austin, and Dallas. They have performed five original plays:

  • A Boy Named Bobo, about the life and death of Emmett Till
  • Something’s Gotta Change, about the sit-in movement in Mississippi
  • Five Feet Four Inches Forward, about the life of Fannie Lou Hamer
  • Thirty Years From Now, about school integration in the late 1960s
  • Freedom Summer, about the summer of 1964 in Mississippi

The Drama Troupe also performs original student monologues and student-written plays.


Once a week our hip-hop club meets to write lyrics, make beats, and record songs.  A regular feature at open-mic nights and talent shows, our MCs use hip-hop to share their inner thoughts with their peers.

Literary Magazine

Every year Unspoken's editorial board asks for submissions of poetry, rap, short stories and artwork from all middle-school and high school students in Sunflower County.  After carefully reviewing each piece, they select the best to publish in our annual book.  Unspoken is a unique opportunity for young writers and authors to be published and share their work with peers across the county.